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Metallic yarn | Spinning the traditional beauty of Kyoto for 130 years
Nishijin brocade is a traditional art associated with Kyoto. The secret behind its radiant luster is gold and silver thread made by OIKE. Since the company’s founding, we have played a role in helping to support the time-honored cultural industries of Japan. Our metallic yarn products include Soft Metallic Yarn, which is soft and lightweight, and the sublimely elegant Soft Magai (Silver). We also produce gold and platinum thread by vapor depositing genuine precious metals onto a fiber core. Our line of functional metallic yarn products offer features such as lightness, flame resistance, and antibacterial properties. They have applications in a wide range of fields, including fabric and accessories for Japanese and western fashions as well as materials used in interior design.

Metallic yarn
We produce an extensive array of brilliant fancy metallic yarn products suitable for applications including knits, woven fabrics, and embroidery.
Characteristics Design properties
Application Knit, woven fabrics
Embroidery thread
Industrial field Fabric

Gold and platinum thread
Our ornamental gold and platinum thread is indispensable in the production of the most dazzling and magnificent of traditional Japanese fabrics.
Characteristics Design properties
Application Japanese dress fabric, belts, kimono
Industrial field Fabric

Functional metallic yarn
In addition to offering beauty, our functional slit yarn products meet a broad range of market needs.
“Georgette”: Weight reduction processed metallic yarn
Characteristics Design properties
Application Georgette fabrics
Industrial field Fabric
“NNY-H&rdquo: Nylon dyed metallic yarn
Characteristics Staining properties
Application Knit, woven fabrics
Industrial field Fabric
“Luflainne&rdquo: Flame resistant metallic yarn
Characteristics Flame resistance
Application Interior fabrics
Industrial field Fabric
“SIO&rdquo: Antibacterial metallic yarn
Characteristics Antibacterial action
Application Stockings
Industrial field Fabric
“Lilibet&rdquo: Elastic metallic yarn
Characteristics Elastic properties
Application Knit apparel
Industrial field Fabric
Metallic yarn-Image
Metallic yarn-Image
Metallic yarn-Image
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