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Environmental Activities | We are helping light the way to a bright future as part of an environmentally conscious city.
Preservation of the global environment is an urgent issue for humankind. We at OIKE are strongly aware of that, as our head office is located in the environmentally conscious city of Kyoto, where the Kyoto Protocol limiting emissions of carbon dioxide was concluded. Thus we are actively engaged in efforts to protect the environment. We're examining all of our corporate operations and implementing improvements for the sake of harmonious coexistence with nature. Our goal in this effort is to be an earth-friendly company.
<Environmental Philosophy> The OIKE Group considers preservation of the global environment to be one of the most important issues facing humankind in the 21st century. We are working to contribute as a positive force in eco-friendly products and practices.

Efforts in Product Assessment and Development of Environmentally Friendly Products
For example, our window-film products help reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer months by blocking out the warming rays of the sun, and our vapor-deposited film serves as a substitute for conventional metal plating. Thus our film products are environmentally beneficial.
We are constantly engaged in efforts to minimize the environmental effects of our manufacturing operations. For example, we are developing formalin-free products in the field of textiles, and in the field of packing materials we're producing biodegradable vapor-deposited film products using raw ingredients made from corn.
To ensure full compliance with legal regulations covering the hazardous substances used in various fields, we are working actively to eliminate the use of such substances completely. Moreover, we're making every effort to eliminate volatile organic compounds in accordance with laws concerning air pollution.

As an ISO 14001 certified company, OIKE is working aggressively to conserve energy and reduce waste at our production facilities.
OIKE has established a system of environmental management and, in March 2004, obtained ISO 14001 certification as part of a program of aggressive efforts to address environmental issues in all aspects of company operations.
Wide-ranging tasks to reduce environmental impact include initiatives designed to reduce energy consumption, cut waste and promote recycling at our production facilities.
Environmental Activities

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