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Metallic leaf and powder | Applying skills honed in traditional handicrafts to the industrial materials field
Gold and silver leaf and powder are materials that allow artisans to achieve the highest level of beauty in their creations. Their luster brings a deep refinement to traditional handicrafts such as lacquerware, decorative fans, and Buddhist altars and associated implements. To bring the enjoyment of gold and silver leaf and powder to as many people as possible, OIKE has brought innovations to the traditional techniques that cut costs by reducing labor and boosting production volumes. OIKE's distinctive “Takasago” gold and silver leaf products are making an important contribution to the development and dissemination of traditional handicrafts of all types.“ELgee neo” metallic powder marks an even further advancement of this technology. Available in a rainbow of colors and with its brilliant luster, the“ELgee neo” product line has applications that extend beyond the traditional arts to include coating of leather goods, metallic printing and plastics molding.

“ELgee neo”: metallic powder
The uses for this lightweight, high-gloss metallic powder include ink for silk screening, household electronics and appliances, and paints of various types and plastics molding.
Characteristics Lightweight / High brightness / Heat resistance / Weather durability / Chemical resistance
Application InkPaint, Plastics molding, Metallic-colored pellet
Industrial field Crafts, Industries, Construction materials, Automobiles, Home appliances

“Takasago”: gold and silver leaf
This is a modern, mass produced version of traditional Kanazawa gold and silver leaf. Providing high quality at low cost, it is relied on by craftsmen who make fine Buddhist altars and implements, lacquerware, and the like.
Characteristics Design properties
Lightweight / High brightness
Application Arts and crafts
Industrial field Arts and crafts
Metallic leaf and powder-Image
Metallic leaf and powder-Image
Metallic leaf and powder-Image
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