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1876 Started the metallic yarn sales business in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
1933 Moved to Nishi-iru, Nishinotoin bukkoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (current address of the Head Office)
1947 Founded OIKE Shoten Co., Ltd.
1958 Established OIKE & Co., Ltd. (changed the company name)
1960 Opened the production plant at Fushimi-ku, Kyoto (Kamitoba plant)
(Concentrated plants to serve as the core production base)
1973 Established sales offices in Tokyo, Kiryu and Ichinomiya
(Tokyo OIKE Sangyo Co., Ltd., Kiryu OIKE Sangyo Co., Ltd., Ichinomiya OIKE Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
1974 Established an independent company to serve as an export division (OIKE Tsusan Co., Ltd.)
1978 Established a production company at Fushimi-ku, Kyoto (Fushimi Vapor Deposited Industrial Co., Ltd.)
1980 Established a production company in Kurayoshi City, Tottori (Kurayoshi OIKE Industrial Co., Ltd.)
1981 Moved the Kamitoba plant to Minami-ku, Kyoto
1983 Established sales offices in Kyoto City (Kyoto OIKE Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
1985 Opened the Nishijin office (metallic yarn business)
Established a liaison office in Paris, France
1989 Established a division for metallic stamping foil (Kansai Transfer Foil Division)
1992 Established an independent company as the R&D division (OIKE Kaihatsu Kenkyujo Co., Ltd.)
1993 Made the Kamitoba plant an independent company (Kansai OIKE Industrial Co., Ltd.)
1994 Established an independent company as a sales division in Nishijin, Kyoto (OIKE Kashoku Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
Established an independent company for business in metallic stamping foil (Keihan OIKE Transfer Co., Ltd.)
1998 Established the company (without production plant) related to fabric and foil powder (OIKE Tec Co., Ltd.)
1999 Established an integrated company to serve as a sales division (OIKE Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
2000 Established a new development division for R&D (Frontier Center)
2002 OIKE Group acquired capital in "NIPO SAS" based in France
2003 Integrated OIKE Sangyo Co., Ltd., reformed to a system comprising three divisions
(Electronic Information Materials Division, Life Materials Division, Transfer Film and Converted Film Materials Division)
2005 Established the liaison office in China (Shanghai)
Established an independent company for business in metallic stamping foil (OIKE Imaging, Inc.)
Established an independent company for packing-materials business (OIKE Pack Materials, Inc.)
2006 Established an independent company for wet-coating business
(OIKE Fine Coating, Inc.)
2014 Set up Kamitoba Business Establishment Nishikan in Minami-ku Kyoto
Established an independent company specializing in the sales of metallic stamping foil
(LePont International Inc.)
2015 Established Oike Advanced Film Co., Ltd.
Established LePont Europe SAS (former name: NIPO SAS)
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